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VR Lounge, Media Labs and Meeting Space

Learn and experience the latest technologies and trends in one of our many lab spaces. Connect with friends and communities in one of our various meeting rooms. Become a member and get valuable benifits and discounts. Our professional development programs cater specially to parents where you can find both an adult experience and entertaining learning environment for your kids while you participate.

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Gourmet Coffee's Fruit Drinks and Lemonade

Grab your morning brew or come and sit at our cozy Coffee Bar with friends where we serve the best gourmet coffies and expressos imported from all around the globe. Our baristas are trained from the best in the business and will deliver the perfect milky froth of your choosing. Try our blended fruit shakes made with fresh natural ingredients or our very own "Thirsty Joe's" delicious lemonade. 

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Fresh Baked Goods, Salads and Gormet Pizza

Experiance our specially crafted gormet pizza with your favorite toppings. Baked to order through our unique process to deliver a tasty healthy meal for day or night. Our daily bakery items are also warmed to order and feature delicious over sized portions that will leave you filled with delight. Grab and go salads and sandwiches are also available for those folks on the move. You will always be satisfied!

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